Episode 65 ’Finding Inspiration’


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Welcome to the 'Bakery Bears Radio Show' Episode 65 In the latest episode of our radio Show we discuss inspiration. Without it, the world would not function in the way it does. So where do we find it? And is inspiration like love? Something you should never look for but always be open to. All this and so much more in todays episode of the show! Join Kay & Dan as they:
  • Remember rubber band balls from their school days
  • Take a close look at some of the flora and fauna on todays walk
  • Discuss where Kay finds her inspiration for creating knitting patterns
  • Talk through where Dan finds his inspiration for creating TV shows
  • Discuss how they put themselves in the best position to feel inspired
  • Mentions our upcoming Making Of: Walking the Wall documentary coming 28th June 2022
  • Discuss some of the people they are inspired by
  • Mention the film Whiplash https://www.imdb.com/title/tt2582802/
We'll be back in two weeks with our next 'Radio Show'! You can find past episodes of the Radio Show here: Follow the Bakery Bears on Twitter https://twitter.com/bakerybears Follow the Bakery Bears on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/bakerybears/

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