Don't Get Hacked! (like I did)


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On this episode of the CIAS podcast I sit with Suzy and we discuss the hacks and scams that are affecting so many of us.
My Facebook was almost lost to a very sophisticated hack last week. We were able to get it back but we are still uneasy and taking steps now to be more prepared going forward.
On the show we talk about:
*Our hack and how we were able to resolve it
*Different types of hacks and scams
*Focusing your content/artistry on more than one platform
*Your mailing list is your MOST important asset
*How to protect your platforms
*Organic growth is always better than "pay to play"
and SO much more!
We hope this episode and our experience will help you on your journey, and give you some guidance on how to avoid getting hacked. Would love to hear from you in the comments below!
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