Ep. 28 | The Joe Mobley Show | David Gordon of The Virginia Project


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Outspoken activist and IT Guy for Good Causes joins the show to illuminate issues facing the great Commonwealth of Virginia. David Gordon of The Virginia Project shares why he got involved in the fight for Virginia, as well as promoting conservatism through IT enablement.

The Virginia Project is a PAC dedicated to building a 21st Century GOP in Virginia. Check out what they are doing and how you can support their awesome mission!

Get Connected: Web | https://virginiaproject.com/ Gab | https://gab.com/VirginiaProject Twitter | https://twitter.com/ProjectVirginia FB | https://www.facebook.com/projectvirginia/ YT | https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCxF-t-7-eem9iay3E_eSWzA

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