#440: GWAR's Blothar the Berserker


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This week, Blöthar the Berserker of GWAR is back on the show! We discuss how there is nothing more boring than Ken Burns’ Baseball, GWAR possibly doing a country EP inspired by Miranda Lambert, the GWAR comic book coming out the same day as their new record, if GWAR is more art- than music-based, and how the pandemic allowed the band to focus on many different aspects of GWAR. The intergalactic sexlord also talks about catching COVID on their last North American tour, performing one show with only two members during that trek, why GWAR wrestling shows occur before a major production show, his favorite GWAR “scripted” tour, why the lyrics of their new single “Mother Fucking Liar” were easy to write, GWAR being the hardest band to be in, and how GWAR ruined a Goo Goo Dolls album.

Petar, Brandon, and Sylvia discuss the mass shooting that occurred in Texas, our thoughts and reactions to gun violence in America, and Mike Shinoda’s comments on artist feeling forced to be social media stars.

Song: GWAR “Mother Fucking Liar”

Song: GWAR “Berserker Mode”

Song: Alestrom “P.A.R.T.Y”

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