#442: Dream Theater's Jordan Rudess


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This week, Jordan Rudess of Dream Theater is back on the show! We discuss his upcoming North American solo tour that kicks off June 25th, the medley that he has created for the tour (which includes Liquid Tension Experiment and Dream Theater tracks), how his solo shows can be viewed as a musical autobiography, what goes into good ambient music, and how that genre brings him peace. He also talks about practicing meditation while playing the piano, his thoughts on competition when he attended Julliard, enjoying social media, what drove him to start a Patreon, and why he prefers to write music with other artists in the same room.

Petar, Jozalyn, and Sylvia discuss Larrisa Stupar’s decision to pause Venom Prison live shows as she takes on motherhood, Johnny Rotten’s statement on anarchy being a terrible idea, and Kirk Hammett telling us all that Metallica “warned everyone” of the negative effects of streaming.

Song: Jordan Rudess “Weightless”

Song: Liquid Tension Experiment “ Hypersonic”

Song: Dream Theater “The Alien”

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