California Dreaming Come True. Olivia visioned her Quick Home Water Birth to a tee.


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Today on The Natural Birth Podcast we have Olivia.

Olivia is a mum of one from San Diego, California.

She has a MA degree in Spiritual Psychology, is a practicing Reiki Master and has been in the health and healing industry for over a decade.

In today’s episode we talk about her natural pregnancy and quick and intense home water birth at 39 years old.

We dive into topics like sovereignty and how nothing that is offered during pregnancy, birth and the postpartum is law and ”you don’t have to do anything” just because it is portrayed like that by care providers.

Olivia shares about the importance to her of honoring her own inner voice above all else, something that really grew stronger as she fell pregnant and through the transformational event that is birth.

She sees her birth as a gift that transformed her perception of fear, pain, and what she now knows she is capable of in this lifetime.

Being forever changed by this experience she is inspired to share her birth story with others so that they may know what is possible.

Curious about Olivia? Find her at @yogaliv


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