Texas and REvil


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In 2019, 23 cities across Texas were infected with the REvil/Sodinokibi ransomware in one of the largest ransomware attacks that has ever occurred in the US. The cities recovered with remarkable speed due to the state's diligent preparation. But a small managed service provider called TSM Consulting, which the ransomware actors exploited in a supply-chain style attack, sustained irreparable damage. It's a heartbreaking story. This episode is going to reveal never-before-public details about the attack in Texas, how the state recovered so quickly and explore the human cost of ransomware.

Speakers: Rick Myers, Founder, TSM Consulting; Nancy Rainosek, Chief Information Security Officer, State of Texas; Mandy Crawford, Chief Information Officer, State of Texas; Andy Bennett, Former Deputy Chief Information Security Officer and now Vice President of Technology and Chief Information Security Officer with Apollo Information Systems; Danny Miller, Chief Information Security Officer, Texas A&M University System; Jeremy Kirk, Executive Editor, Information Security Media Group.

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