Episode 7 – Crowdfunding your way to success


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Hosted by Alex Sexton, Communications Manager, Sport and Recreation Alliance (@Alexx_Sexxton).

This episode we take a look into Crowdfunding and how, when used effectively, it can help to supplement income generation among sport and recreation organisations.

With funding being a very real and regular concern among a large proportion of our membership, therefore alternative funding options are being taken more seriously and Crowdfunding online is one such avenue which can provide several advantages.

We are joined by two of our members who share their success stories and the impact it has made.

Carey Davies, Hill Walking Development Officer at The British Mountaineering Council provides an insight into the Mend our Mountains campaign. The award-winning, headline-grabbing campaign raised more than £100,000 to repair Britain’s hills and mountains

Following the success of their Glide Britain campaign, Dave Latimer, chairman of the Development Committee at the British Gliding Association explains how their project has reached new audiences to get more people involved in gliding.

Below you’ll also find some handy resources and further reading around Crowdfunding:

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