Quick TEA - Jake Paul, Oprah, Breonna Taylor, Kanye West, Lizzo and Megan Fox vs Brian Austin Green


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Join host @iamissen as he gives you some QUICK TEA on what happened this week in the world of Hollywood. Well the good stuff anyway! Sip on this TEA! YouTuber Jake Paul's House was raided by the FBI, they found guns LOTS of them but that wasn't the reason for the warrant, Oprah Winfrey buys 26 billboards in Louisville with a special message, Lizzo gets a BRAND NEW Hollywood deal you'll wanna know about, seriously! Megan Fox is being a petty mom again taking selfies with her new man Machine Gun Kelly whilst her ex husband 90210 alum Brian Austin Green is firing back on IG with his own petty post AND Kanye West refuses to drop out his 2020 Presidential Election bid and confirms one thing we all suspected. All of this in the time it'd take you drink your first cup of coffee or TEA this morning.

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