#179 From Artist to MBA with Justin Taines, RSM MBA ’21


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Justin Taines, RSM MBA ’21, shares his journey from developing kids and family entertainment shows in Los Angeles to the RSM MBA, based in the Netherlands. Why did Justin pursue an MBA (instead of an EMBA) despite having over 10 years of work experience? What was his experience at the RSM MBA as an older student and during Covid?


  • Justin's background (2:15)
  • Justin's shortlist of schools (4:30)
  • Why Justin took the GRE instead of the GMAT (12:36)
  • Justin's positioning and application tips (16:40)
  • Justin's RSM MBA experience (27:10)
  • Justin's thoughts on his (forced) hybrid MBA experience (35:33)
  • Justin's recruiting experience and lessons (45:45)
  • What Justin wished he knew before starting his MBA; how to best prepare for your MBA (1:05:45)

About Justin

After getting his Bachelors of Fine Arts in Experimental Animation from the California Institute of Arts, Justin Taines worked in creative development, developing kids and family entertainment shows. He then worked in business development, building animation studios and helping the city of Jerusalem build up its animation industry. He also started and sold a retail cannabis cultivation venture before heading to the Rotterdam School of Management for his MBA. Justin is currently freelance consulting while exploring new roles post-MBA.

Episode write-up: https://touchmba.com/rsm-mba-justin-taines

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