1165: Top 5 Most Read RNS's on Vox Markets for Friday 3rd February 2023


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Top 5 Most Read RNS's on Vox Markets for Friday 3rd February 2023
5. Harland & Wolff #HARL - Holding(s) in Company

Killik & Co have reduced their holding from 6.9% to 5.5%.
4. Itaconix #ITX - Placing, Subscription and Open Offer; Notice of GM

Announce that it has conditionally raised gross proceeds of approximately £10.3 million via a Placing at a Price of 5.1 pence per New Ordinary Share.
In addition, the Company proposes to raise up to a further approximately £0.4 million in an Open Offer to Qualifying Shareholders.
3. Tintra PLC #TNT - Key Management Appointment

The board of directors announce the appointment of Constantine Chikosi as Director of Strategic Initiatives for Africa. This position has been created as the Group continues to cement itself in these regions as a core element in its plan to build global banking infrastructure driven by culturally aware Artificial Intelligence and Natural Language Processing tools.
2. Petro Matad #MATD - Results of Capital Raise

Petro Matad Limited announce the Company has conditionally raised gross proceeds of US$6.0 million through the Capital Raising at a price of 2.5p per share.
1. Nanoco Group PLC - Litigation Settlement Update

Litigation concluded with $150m cash settlement to be paid in two equal tranches (by 5 March 2023 and by 3 February 2024)
Nanoco retain over $90m net proceeds after litigation costs.

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