'1944: Operation Valkyrie and Military Resistance Against Hitler' with Prof Winfried Heinemann


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Prof Winfried Heinemann and Dr Marco Wyss discuss Operation Valkyrie (the unsuccessful assassination attempt of Adolf HItler in 1944) and the legacy of military resistance against Hitler.

About the guest:

Colonel Professor Winfried Heinemann has spent his career at the Center for Military History and Social Sciences of the Bundeswehr in Potsdam, where he worked in editorial, research, and leadership positions. There, he notably carried out extensive research on the diplomatic history of NATO, post-World War II German military history – in both its Eastern and Western variants – and, especially, the military resistance against Hitler. Currently, he is a Professor of Modern and Contemporary History at Cottbus University, serves as the associate and book reviews editor of the International Journal of Military History, and is an Honorary Researcher of our Centre for War and Diplomacy. His new book, Operation Valkyrie: A Military History of 20 July 1944 (in German, but an English edition is forthcoming in 2021) through Amazon, the publisher (de Gruyter Oldenbourg), or any respectable bookseller.

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