The Wurst Guide to Living in Austria


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The Wurst Guide to Living in Austria is released on the Wurst day of the week, Monday, and is the guide to life in Austria you probably don’t need, but will nevertheless want. It’s destined to land in the top (at least) 50 podcasts of Austria one day, and even if it doesn’t, it’s destined to land in your earholes. It’s the perfect podcast to listen to while cooking, walking, doing squats, and in any other situation, you could imagine listening to a podcast that you can relate to as a human being living in Austria. Hosts, Jacob Moss (Australian in Austria, founder of Vienna Würstelstand, Founder & Creative Director at The Wurst Agency) and Gabriel Schaffler (Austrian in Austria, comedian & radio journalist) explore all the questions you‘ve ever or never had about Austria & Vienna. They’re also regularly inviting guests into the Wurst studio. The kind of guests you’d invite to your house party. Experts, random people with random stories, and Austria-famous people will turn up here. This podcast is powered by the magazine, Vienna Würstelstand where you can keep up to date with all things Vienna. Have any suggestions, demands, scoops on Austria? Hit us up on the @viennawurstelstand Instagram channel.

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