Leave Britney Alone


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Twitter was outraged after hearing “despicable” dispatcher handle Richard Sherman 911 call: “Could have gotten” him “murdered.” Britney Spears able to hire her own attorney in a key win, accuses her father of “conservatorship abuse” in court. Matt Gaetz attends #FreeBritney rally outside her conservatorship hearing, calls out Jamie Spears. Democratic tensions surface as House incumbents plan a defense against far-left primary challengers. Campaign disclosures show Senate Dems in ExxonMobil expose received almost $333,000. Kremlin papers appear to show Putin’s plot to put Trump in the White House. Update: full video of a woman falsely accusing a Black man of stealing her son’s phone: she is now under investigation by her employer. MIT predicted in 1972 that society would collapse this century – new research shows we’re on schedule. Americans’ confidence in Major U.S. institutions dips. 66% of Southern Republicans are for secession according to a new poll.

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