Lunch #60: Who are we without our memory? (feat. Yanjaa, World Memory Grandmaster)


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Closing Season 2 with Yanjaa, born in Mongolia, raised in Stockholm, Tokyo, and Kenya. Also one of the only 22 grandmasters of memory in the world. We learned how growing up with a grandfather who's also a Buddhist monk helped her train her muscle memory with mindfulness. We learned how her worldview represent Gen-Z and the generation to come. Hope this will help us understand them better. We also talked to Johan from JCK Enterprise in Surabaya, who initiated the event and connect us with Yanjaa. There's a lot of gem here. The only clue I'll leave you, don't just hear what's spoken, listen to what's implied. Cheers, hope this season has been a fruitful one for you, as much as it is a learning ground for us. See you on Instagram until the next season arrive, @fellexandro / @sheggario.

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