Tribulations of Paulette


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The Tribulations of Paulette chronicles an overworked and under recognized mother who thinks her glory days are long gone. Paulette is a heroine for a generation of talented, intelligent women who gave up careers in the 1990s to raise families. Driven largely by hormones run amok, Paulette has teen angst competing with middle age woes. She also has three boys under 12 and an inattentive spouse (make that four boys under 12). She is caught up in Larry David-esque encounters with kooky friends, gym rats and an elderly couple. She fights off the occasional former lover, and sometimes she doesn’t feel like fighting them off. Like Lucy Ricardo, Paulette wants to break into something- she just doesn’t know what "it" is. Paulette thought she peaked in her late thirties, but her tribulations will prove that she barely scratched the surface. It has been a long time coming.

39 episode