Princess Doe ////// 594


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Princess Doe ////// 594

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On July 15th, 1982 a grave digger at the Cedar Ridge Cemetery in Blairstown New Jersey made a gruesome discovery. On the very edge of the grounds near highway 94 in a wooded area near a creek he found the body of a young female. She had been bludgeoned to death and left there for an indeterminate amount of time. The good people of local law enforcement and the people of Blairstown named her “Princess Doe.” Unfortunately we are coming up on forty years since she was killed and we still do not know the true identity of Princess Doe. This topic led us to many other topics while exploring the theories surrounding the mystery of Princess Doe. Those topics include but were not limited to - The crimes of Arthur and Donna Kinlaw, The “Tiger Lady” who’s remains were found in 1991 along highway 94, The Long Island Serial Killer and Joel Rifkin. For more info go to

If you have any information please help by contacting the Warren County Prosecutor’s Office. Call 908-475-6275 or email -

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