Protecting Our Children – Special Service


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This sermon is going to be a little different in that it is going to involve critical church business from a Biblical perspective. The revision of the Children’s Protective Policy is a major part of the changes that we are seeking to make with the interest of safety at the forefront. This actually started several months ago when this became a topic that had some lengthy discussion between me and the pulpit committee. It was evident that the leaders here at WCC had a burden to see children protected coming to church. They had the transparency to see that they could improve the current policy and wondered, if I would be willing to help them with these changes. This was a critical piece for Jill and I to consider before coming on board with WCC. Though you are listening to my voice this morning, I want you to know with certainty that you are hearing the unified heart of this church’s elders. Overall, our desire for this Sunday is to share with you our vision for the church in two major areas that are related. a) First, the front end is to solidify the protection of children b) Second, on the back end, we want to have in place means to minister to both victims and perpetrators Before I go into what we are envisioning this looking like or what has been worked on and where we are at, I want us to turn to God’s Word. a) This Book promises to… · Give us direction as a church · Give us our value as a person · And be our authority b) Without this book… · We are lost to our destiny · We are uncertain in our true value (i) As Created in the image of God (ii) As a New Creation in Christ · We are baseless in what we look to as our authority that would provide to us security What are we as a church to provide? It should be…. I. Refuge For the Children – Ps 127, Neh 4:13-15, Pro 21:31, Matt 18:1-6, Mark 10:13-14 II. Recovery for the Sinner – 1 Cor 6:9-11, 2 Cor 5:18-20, Matt 5:13, 1 Cor 5:9-10

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