Ep # 88: Creating Queer Space & The Lenses of War: This month on TFS


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Ep # 88: Creating Queer Space & The Lenses of War: This month on TFS. Welcome back for another Panel! This week we’re joined by familiar strangers Carolyn West, Matt Phung, Ruonan Chen and Alex D’Aloia. Carolyn starts us off this week by sharing her recent experiences at a Hen’s night she had recently. She shares her experience entering into different spaces and navigating the emotions that come with each space. Do you have any spaces like that? How do you think “queer” space is created? Next Alex asks the strangers about the current invasion of the Ukraine by the Russian Military. He poses the question around truth, what is being seen, what isn’t being seen and how truth can vary from person to person. What do you think? What kinds of things have you been seeing on your news feeds about the current conflict in Ukraine? Head over to our website for a full list of links and citations.

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