Episode 42: Jesus is the Bread of Life, Our Spiritual Provision


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What does it mean when Jesus says He is the Bread of Life? He is our provision and ALL we need. Join me as we look deeper into our spiritual lives this week.
If you want to read the text later it is from John Chapter 6.
This Gospel of John has also evolved into a deeper study in our community. I have created a free workbook for you along with study tips to help you dig deeper. This is such a rich study. If you are finding this podcast later, you can always pop into our group and I will have the workbook, and all the videos in the fb group. Just go to Guide 2 to find everything.
If you are listening and not sure what it means to be saved, have salvation or ask Jesus into your heart. Go to my website and the "Free Resources" tab and I have steps for salvation with Bible verses there for you. If you have any questions, please reach out to me through fb or IG messenger.
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