What should you do with your leftover pumpkins?


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Whatever you do... DON'T THROW AWAY YOUR PUMPKINS! In Science in the News we find out the latest news with the James Webb telescope and about a crater on Mars!

We figure out how we can make drinking water and learn about robots the size of our hair that could be swimming around our body soon!

The fosser is the subject of this weeks dangerous Dan and we come to our final episode of Hallux's Hydrology.

In Amy's Aviation its all about Jet Engines! Chucks Away!

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1. Science in the news (00:01:38)

2. Feature 1: Prof. Hallux (00:03:29)

3. Questions (00:06:26)

4. Dangerous Dan! (00:16:10)

5. Feature 2: Amy's Aviation (00:17:41)

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