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Welcome to Radically Resilient Health with Dr. Carolyn Dolan. After guiding herself and her family to better health, Dr. Dolan began coaching her physical therapy patients on nutrition to support their pain management in lieu of the anti-inflammatories, over-the-counter drugs, and opioids they were using. When their chronic pain issues improved and even resolved, she dedicated herself to understanding the science behind the benefits of nutritional intervention. Seven years, a master’s degree in nutrition, and a book later, Dr. Dolan launched VitaKinetics. Radically Resilient Health dives deep into her research and highlights the tenets of her lifestyle program: Eat well, Move Well, Sleep Well, Connect Well, Supplement Well. | Dr. Carolyn Dolan, DPT, Cert MDT, MSHN has he Doctorate in Physical Therapy. She is Certified for Mechanical Diagnosis and Treatment and has her Masters in Science of Holistic Nutrition.

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