HER LIFE RE-ENERGISED - Get More Energy, Beat Burnout, Overcoming Exhaustion, Wellness for Young Christian Women


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Welcome to Her Life Re-Energised! Hi, I’m Tia, Exercise Physiologist, adventurer, and wellness specialist. Do you want to break free from exhaustion and stop it from ruling your life? Are your roaring 20’s being your tired 20’s? Is it time to reclaim your life and energy? It is possible to create a life you love and have the energy to do so! After years of living with chronic exhaustion, I discovered the power of intentional living, and it changed my life! It allowed me to take back control of my life, improve my energy and find purpose in walking God’s path for me. And you can do it too! Join me as we navigate how to improve your physical and mental energy through simple and intentional changes to your health, lifestyle, and mindset. In today’s culture of instant gratification, we have lost the art of intentional living, and, with it, the many health and life benefits it provides. Join me every Tuesday and Thursday to discover how you can transform and reclaim your life. It’s time to get your spark back! Come join the fun at: www.facebook.com/groups/herlifereenergised/

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