A Light in the Dark: My Songwriting Journey


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A Light in the Dark is an honest account of my songwriting journey from the very beginning as a young man with nothing but an old guitar and a fistful of half-baked songs to performing live on TV & radio & securing national press in both the UK & Hong Kong, receiving BBC Radio airplay & releasing my debut album, Let's Join Hands on the 30th April, 2021.DEBUT EP:https://sambarbour.hearnow.com/hope-love-never-diesDEBUT ALBUM:https://sambarbour.hearnow.com/lets-join-handsI'll be sharing the things that I've learned and perhaps more importantly, the mistakes that I've made along the way with a serious reflection of how I would have done things differently looking back. I sincerely hope this series serves as a useful tool in aiding and equipping people new to the world of songwriting. Of course, I made lots of mistakes along the way but I see these all as useful signposts to becoming a professional songwriter – something that I continue to strive towards and I sincerely hope they can aid you too. As they say, failure is the mother of success. Let’s start.Thank you.Support the show!(https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/samuelbarbour)

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