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Why is depth so hard to find? I'm Zoe and something you should know is that I HATE small talk. Perhaps you can relate. The Accidentally Intentional podcast is for those who are seeking to find depth and authenticity in all relationships. I call it the art of building "RELATIONAL WEALTH." (A different type of rich!)You see, at 20, I realized I didn't have any true friends...and I desperately needed to change that. So, I made it my New Years Resolution to eat a meal with someone different every single day and on my college campus, and get to know their story! It started with me creating cue cards with questions in my pocket in case *heaven forbid* there was silence. It was terrifyingly awkward at first, but as I kept going, something started to change. The conversations became so transformative for me that I ended up having over meals with over 250 different people on campus by the time I graduated! What started as an accident, realizing I had no friends in college, turned into an intentional practice of getting to truly know others-their heart, their soul, the real person and not just the facade. Now 10 years later, this is still the main strategy I use to build relational wealth in my life, and I'm committed to teaching you how to do the same! I turn on the mic with organic and unscripted discussions with others and invite you into these conversations that help us become a different type of "rich". New episodes every other Thursday! Subscribe to Accidentally Intentional and share the show with someone who needs to hear it! (Subscribing is always free, and so are these episodes!) For video versions of these episodes, head to the Accidentally Intentional YouTube channel! You can connect with me on IG: @zoeasher or @accidentallyintentional. .To contact the podcast and/or request a booking for Zoe to be on your show, please email: .

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