Adam's Testament (2017) feat. Azariah of Yass, Jesus! Podcast


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A cherubic twink musician named Adam loses his way and goes goth, much to the horror of his Christian father Joseph. Joseph journeys to a seedy big city club called Purgatory to rescue him - but the literal Devil is working against him at every turn, tempting him with earthly lusts. Fortunately, a mysterious team of archangels who are also jazz musicians are lurking behind the scenes, pulling the strings in the spiritual realm, helping to save Adam from the nothing he’s become. Azariah of Yass, Jesus! podcast joins us to relate to this story of an alt Christian boy making a pilgrimage to the city to find his chosen family. Azariah tells us his own fascinating back story from when he worked in the Christian music and television industries - and he shares his favorite brand of Christian bubblegum.

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