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In this 90 minute long special report, we investigate the life and work of Gwen Shamblin Lara, the infamous Christian dieting/weight loss specialist whose fanatical devotion to bodily aesthetics causes her to run her church, Remnant Fellowship, in what could convincingly be described as a cult-like fashion. If you follow Christian culture, you've probably seen her name in the news this month - on May 29, 2021, she was aboard a private jet that crashed in a Tennessee lake, killing Gwen, her husband (actor Joe Lara), and 5 other high ranking leaders of her church. Many news outlets, tabloids, and documenters of contemporary Christian culture have covered her bizarre career and untimely demise - but we at Boys' Bible Study, being media critics, choose to do so through her decades of video work. She's released countless self-help VHS tapes and youtube videos as a part of her Christian weight loss ministry Weigh Down. She also releases streaming TV show episodes that seem to double as Remnant church services. We also cover her wedding and engagement videos, which are so larger-than-life they qualify as video art. In our discussion, we conclude that Remnant Fellowship is more than just using God to justify an eating disorder - it's also a full-blown cult of aesthetics.

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