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Happy Tuesday people, hope you had a nice Holiday weekend! On this week’s episode of Brand:Me, I’m joined by Liza Suloti - Co-Founder and Chief Communications Officer of SHADOW, an award-winning creative marketing and communications agency. This week is all about PR, the state of the influencer industry, and the social media/digital landscape at large. We discuss cool creative strategies, efficient brand consulting, and all the iterations of how marketing has shifted over the years. Liza weighs in on how important it is to get your foot in the door with confidence and an open mind. She shares how she originally fell in love with the art of PR and communications, and how her role at SHADOW (weareshadow) has evolved into what it is today.

2:16 - How did you get started in PR?
16:36 - How to get your brand name out there
19:32 - You are the expert of your field
29:29 - Shift in influencer culture
31:41 - "Where do you see yourself in 5 years?"
36:32 - No assholes allowed


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