Moving on to the Next Chapter: with Meghan Picerno


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Hi people! On this week’s episode of Brand:Me, I’m joined by the beautiful and magnificently talented Broadway actress, Meghan Picerno. Meghan shares that growing up in Chicago, theater wasn’t always on her radar for her future. From originating from singing in church as a kid and then getting her musical start solely in the opera world, with a twist of fate and keeping an open-mind, she made her big-time Broadway debut as the lead in Phantom of the Opera. We discuss that you’re really able to find who you’re meant to be through exploring hobbies, activities and things that make you happy. Maybe you don’t want to launch a product or be a big tv personality for your career path, but if there’s something fun that makes you happy, you have nothing to lose - so just TRY it.

2:25 - How did you get into musical theater?
11:07 - Getting by as a performer in New York
18:44 - How do you move on from a role?
27:13 - What happens after Broadway?


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