E43: Good Vibes Only? (Toxic Positivity)


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What happens when our positive vibrations come at the expense of the full range of the human experience? Mik and Jenn talk about toxic positivity in this episode and how repressing negative emotions can actually hinder our growth. They also explore some of the biggest culprits of toxic positivity, and you may be shocked to see yourself as the villain.
Some things we talked about in this episode:
  • We have more than enough shows to watch, but we might go back and re-watch American Gods. You can find it on Starz.
  • Mik read this article on the history of Easter. You can check it out on Scientific American’s website.
  • If you haven’t watched Encanto….what are you doing, baby? You can find it on Disney+.
  • Shameless plug: if you know any men who need healing (women are welcome too of course), and who would like to work with a male healer, check out Mik’s site, The Inner Victory.
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