What Do You Wish You Knew Before Starting a Podcast?


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This episode contains more responses from podcast hosts who contributed to the book, "Why 75% of Podcast Fail and How You Can Avoid It" a Daniel Larson Project.
If you want to read all 100 of the podcasters contributions including my own on page 7, head over to Amazon to order a copy of the book https://amzn.to/3EPmT0n (Affiliate Link).
In this episode I gave my 2 cents tips to these 10 responses:

  1. Just go for it - prepare but don’t procrastinate
  2. Don’t have to be perfect to start - practice, practice, progress
  3. Schedule time and factor in personal and professional life
  4. Have a strategic plan - narrow your audience - can’t reach everyone
  5. Line up guests and stay on topic
  6. Reach out to the “experts” or those in the field with more experience - forums, groups and communities
  7. Outsource - cannot be a “jack of all trades” because podcasting is more than just talking
  8. It takes time…lots of time
  9. Start sooner - “when was the best time to plant a tree 10 years ago?...”
  10. Better to be published and be imperfect thant to be perfect (in your mind) and take forever to publish

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