Exploring the Collegiate Women's Soccer Landscape with Ashley Martin and Lorena Lopez, Flagler College


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In today's episode of Down to the Roots, we return to our exploration of the women's game, this time looking at the collegiate soccer landscape. This is the first in a series where we will look at the various divisions in collegiate soccer and how they are all related. The series begins with a look at NCAA Division 2 with Ashley Martin, Head Coach for Flagler College about what it's like to build a successful program, differences between the men's and women's games that he experienced as a coach and player, and other insights. To get a player perspective, Coach Martin was joined by Lorena Lopez, a senior midfielder and defender who came through the IMG Academy in Bradenton and the youth soccer system in Mexico where she participated at the U17 level with her country in a Women's Cup in 2013 in Costa Rica.

Find out more about Flagler College Women's Soccer by visiting the Athletics website at https://flaglerathletics.com

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