Exploring the Women's Professional Game in the UK with Hannah from Beyond the 90 and Her Football Hub


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In today's episode of Down to the Roots, we start an exploration of the women's professional game in the United Kingdom and around the world through the lens of @LCFC_Women. Over the course of the interview we discuss their promotion to the Women's Super League, what that means to the club, and what the overall football pyramid looks like for women in the UK. We also discuss the women's game from a global perspective, Hannah's involvement with the Beyond the 90 and Her Football Hub, a global resource for exploring women's soccer/football. Finally, we get some insight as to what it is like to plan and participate in a supporters club for a women's side. Please use the links below to find out more about the women's game, and stay tuned for future episodes around the topic of women's soccer.

Find Hannah on Twitter: @hannahskiw
Beyond the 90 LCFC: @BT90_LCFC_Women

HerFootballHub: https://herfootballhub.com

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