Wagga Wagga: World War I Stories


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Wagga Wagga: World War 1 Stories

On commemorative occasion such as Anzac and Memorial Day, we inevitably reflect on the service of prior generations in The First World War as well as other conflicts. But while these service men and women fought bravely during the conflict, how did the war fit in with their broader lives? Its a topic that Historian Ian Hodges of The Australian Department of Veteran’s affairs has been exploring with regard to World War I for his new book He Belonged to Wagga. The conflict that saw Australia forge a national identity distinct from the broader British Empire and one that saw the creation of The Australian Imperial Force the nation’s first military force equipped for overseas conflict.

To show the affect of the war he focused on one particular city located about 300 miles inland from Australia. It’s somewhat off the beaten bath and a name few outside South Eastern Australia are probably familiar with. Is it pronounced Wagga Wagga?

Guest Expert: Ian Hodges of The Australian Department of Veteran’s Affairs

Picture: Dept of Lands, Sydney – cropped from old map “County of Wynyard, New South Wales, 1897” at the National Library of Australia, located here

Wagga Wagga in 1897

Public Domain

File:Wagga Wagga map 1897.jpg

Created: 1 January 1897

Music: English: Elgar; Enigma variations, Theme IX. Nimrod

Date 1 January 1947

Source https://archive.org/details/EdwardElgar-EnigmaVariations/01ThemeI.C.a.e..mp3


John Barbirolli

Halle Orchestra, Public Domain

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