FB#51: Guest Mix - Radicall - Amethyst EP Promo


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Welcome to the Fat Badger Podcast!

Up next in the guest slot we have Polish Liquid Drum & Bass genius – Radicall. His new EP – “Amethyst” is forthcoming on Warm Ears Music on 06/03/17. This promo mix showcases some of the EP’s invigorating tracks with bouncing basslines and mystical atmospheres along with other examples of his fine production skills.
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Radicall - Amethyst [Warm Ears Music]
Arkaik - Steve [Dispatch]
Radicall - Overflow [Warm Ears Music]
Basic Maneuver - Echo From Another Time [Kos.Mos]
Radicall - Maneuver [Warm Ears Music]
S.P.Y - Sleepy Hollow [Hospital]
Radicall - Something More [Terra Firma]
Phase - Abundance [Demand]
Radicall - Impressions [Influenza Media]
Re-Adjust - Summersoul [Warm Ears Music]
Radicall - Anything You Say [Offworld]
Variants - I Need [Liquid Tones]
Radicall - Superior Dark [Absys]
Airtek - Healing [Absys]
Radicall - Superior Dark (Future Engineers Remix) [Absys]
Dub Phizix, Skeptical - Contact [Free]
September - Straight Bass [Warm Ears Music]
Radicall, Lesio - 1986 [Infiltrator]
Dom & Roland - Coast 2 Coast [Sun&Bass]
Higher Sense - Cold Fresh Air (Cyantific Remix) [Moving Shadow]
Red One - The Futurist [Liftin' Spirit]

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