Let Your Smile Be an Umbrella: Dallas Animal Services


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Bridget and Sydney are joined by Jordan Craig to discuss how innovative thinking is saving more lives at Dallas Animal Services, how rescues can best understand and serve the needs of their community, services that can help keep pets in their homes, and much more.
Topics Include:

  • Jordan's transition into rescue and animal welfare
  • How running a shelter like a business can help a rescue save more lives
  • Dallas Animal Services' Home-to-Home program
  • Working to keep at-risk pets in homes
  • Adopting heartworm positive dogs
  • Volunteering options during COVID
  • A special shoutout to Dallas Pets Alive!
  • Investigating the needs of your specific community
  • The power of data-driven processes
  • And other topics...

Resources Mentioned:
Blog: https://blog.cuddly.com/podcasts/let-your-smile-be-an-umbrella-dallas-animal-services/
Website: https://www.bedallas90.org/
Website: Dallas Pets Alive
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