BONUS: Trailblazing Women from the Low Countries


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Throughout the history of the Low Countries, people from this part of the world have been pioneers in almost every sense of the word. Whether by seeking out and charting far away lands during the European Age of Exploration, or in advancements made in science, technology and engineering, or through their approach to social issues such as drugs or euthanasia, the inhabitants of the Low Countries have been breaking new ground almost as enthusiastically as they’ve been… making… new ground. Despite making up over 50% of the population, the fundamental role which women have played in the development and progress of Low Country societies has often been neglected in historical accounts. It is well beyond the scope of this podcast to give an entire history of women and feminism in the Low Countries, but in this episode of the Low Countries Radio we are going to pay homage to some of the female pioneers from our beloved little swamp. We will take a look at five women who ventured forth where few before them had dared, or been allowed, to go, shining a light into the darkness and paving pathways for future generations of women and girls to follow them down.

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