Episode 437: Paige Stoner – USATF National Marathon Champion at CIM in a Course Record of 2:26:02


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Paige Stoner won the California International Marathon which was also the USATF Marathon Championships. This was her first US Title, a course record at CIM, and a brand new PR. She ran 2:26:02, which was a 51 second course record at CIM.

Paige runs for Reebok and is a coach at Run Free Training. She ran for Syracuse in college where she had a successful career.

CIM was only her third marathon. She ran the Marathon Project in 2020, Boston, and now CIM. She is only 26 years old, so she has a long career ahead of her that I am so excited to follow and cheer her on for!

Photo credit: Tony DiPasquale

What we talked about:

4:30- Catching up with Paige

5:15- Moving from Charlottesville to Flagstaff

8:30- The decision to run CIM this year

9:15- Thoughts on the CIM course

10:30- How the race played out

15:05- What her coaching situation looks like

17:25- How CIM changes the trajectory of her career

18:50- What she learned from her race at the Boston Marathon

20:10- Fueling on the run

24:00- Trajectory of her career since she started marathoning

25:20- Plans for the spring

25:50- Searching for a new coach and what that process looks like

30:15- Longevity in the sport

32:15- Mileage in her buildup to CIM

34:20- How she met her husband

36:35- Her high school running career

46:55- Coaching with Run Free Training

50:40- Her decision to run for the Reebok Track Club out of college

53:45- The decision to run professionally

55:35- Looking ahead and what she is most excited about going forward

56:30- End of podcast questions

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