Special Episode - Interview with Sumana Kaluvai and Harishree Karthik of the Hidden Dream (Visa Dreamers; about Hidden Dream; personal stories and background; resources for visa dreamers; legislative goals; how you can help; & Tik Tok!)


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About Hidden Dream:
The Hidden Dream was built to raise awareness of the struggles faced by visa immigrants, share resources, and create a community to uplift immigrants who have spent several years in this country without a pathway to citizenship.

The Hidden Dream specializes in creating resources for childhood visa arrivals - children who entered the country on H4, L2, E2 etc. visas and are at risk of deportation.

The Hidden Dream serves visa immigrants (including visa dreamers, dependent visa spouses, families affected by the Green Card backlog, mixed status families and international students) by compiling and creating resources, guides, hosting workshops + support groups, providing a safe space for visa immigrants on social media, offering an annual scholarship, and creating crucial networking opportunities.

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