Docusaurus 2 is a pretty big deal


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Docusaurus maintainer Sébastien Lorber joins Jerod & Amal for a deep-dive on everybody’s favorite documentation generator. It’s back with a big 2.0 release, boasts some big users, and has a big set of new features such as document versioning, a plugin architecture, and more.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - Opener
(00:48) - Sponsor: Raygun
(02:47) - Intro
(03:36) - Welcoming Sebastien
(05:57) - Getting a freelance gig with Meta
(07:25) - Benefits of working in the open
(10:23) - Sebatien's role on the project
(11:58) - Meta freelancer details
(14:07) - The history of Docusaurus
(18:08) - Jekyll & Hugo release dates
(19:34) - Why a big rewrite?
(22:49) - Sponsor: Retool
(23:47) - SPA vs MPA
(26:35) - What's so funny, Amal?
(27:45) - Conservative pre-caching
(29:05) - Back to V2 features
(39:26) - Big sites using Docusaurus
(40:15) - Documentation versioning!
(44:32) - Sponsor: Sourcegraph
(49:09) - The plugin architecture
(55:54) - Distributing plugins
(58:30) - The community
(1:00:59) - Praise for Docusaurus
(1:04:45) - Getting started
(1:05:07) - Sweating the details
(1:06:09) - This Week in React
(1:06:53) - A multi-lingual newsletter!
(1:08:28) - Closing time 👋
(1:09:02) - Outro

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