Gremlins in the water


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KBall and Boneskull dive deep with Paloma Oliveira on the cultural and social consequences of open source software, explore her background in arts and government-supported open source, and discuss practical approaches to change the culture of open source towards more sustainability.

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Show Notes:

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(00:00) - Opener
(00:43) - Sponsor: Sentry
(01:23) - It's party time, y'all!
(02:13) - Welcoming Paloma
(03:46) - Paloma's in-progress book
(05:38) - Paloma's open source background
(09:43) - Chris' open source background
(12:13) - Hostility in OSS culture
(13:57) - Sponsor: Vercel
(15:40) - Overview of OSS cultural problems
(18:42) - Individual boundaries & volunteer labor
(21:18) - Imbalance is a key word here
(27:13) - Diversity problems & decision makers
(35:03) - Throwing gremlins in the water
(36:52) - Okay, back to saving open source
(38:56) - Sponsor: Sourcegraph
(41:31) - YOU can make open source more inclusive!
(46:29) - Incentivicing managers to fund OSS
(47:59) - Talent retention via open source
(49:24) - Investing in open source
(53:18) - The beauty of collaboration
(54:50) - Final thoughts! KBall
(55:55) - Final thoughts! Chris
(56:47) - Final thoughts! Paloma
(58:32) - Wrapping up!
(58:52) - Outro (review us on Apple!)

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