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Today we’ll be covering Female Athlete Triad, going along with this month’s theme, Adolescent Medicine. If you haven’t listened to our podcast before, each week we have a case-based discussion about a medical topic to help you study for the pediatric medicine board exam. Episodes are released every weekend, and the case is then reviewed and reinforced on social media throughout the week.

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This month we are also joined by our wonderful guest host, Dr. Nimisha Bajaj! She created all of the cases for this month, and we are so happy to have her join us! Feel free to check her social media for more thought-provoking and insightful content, @NimishaBajaj2 (

Today’s Case:

A 14 year-old female presents to clinic to be evaluated for intermittent lightheadedness. You notice on her growth chart that she has been losing weight steadily for the past several months. When you probe further, you realize that despite a BMI of 16, she still feels that she needs to lose weight. She joined the cross country team at her high school, but has been running an extra several miles every day in addition to practice. She is also vegan and has been restricting her daily intake to 800 calories. The last menstrual period she had was 6 months ago.

Which of the following is the most important screening test in this patient?

  1. Dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry scan
  2. Vital signs
  3. Electrolytes, especially K, Mg, and PO4
  4. Thyroid stimulating hormone and Free thyroxine
  5. Electrocardiogram

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