How to Overcome Academic Failures


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Kyle Rice (AKA Coach K) is the founder of the PT Hustle and host of the NPTE Clinical Files Podcast. He is a physical therapist, life coach and educator who is passionate about helping PT students and graduates to DOMINATE the NPTE.

This episode will inspire you to appreciate your own struggles and pain by welcoming failure to create a massive impact. Kyle is here to tell his own academic failure story.

Kyle dives into how to not only master the NPTE but any written test. It is essential for test-takers to figure out the core problem and find those who know the material best. Academic failures do occur but these failures can help you create your overall purpose.

Check out Kyle Rice at the PT Hustle and begin your NPTE study journey with the NPTE Clinical Files Podcast.


54:56 “Failure is never easy. It is something that is hard to celebrate… The pain that you are going through is actually there to create a unique gift to guide you to become a better physical therapist and human.” - Kyle Rice

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