What you Need to Know about the Methylation Cycle-podcast


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The methylation cycle is a combination of the methionine and folate cycles in the body. Confused? Well don’t be. While there are many technical terms associated with the methylation cycle, understanding the details is important. Having the appropriate balance of methyl in the body is important. Methyl is used by the body as a messenger and catalyst. The body uses it to break down histamine, recycle homocysteine, and tagging DNA. Too much histamine (undermethylation) can cause many problems in the body from psychological problems to allergies. Too little histamine (overmethylation) can lead people to have an inability to experience emotions fully. It’s like they get stuck emotionally.

Homocysteine build up can be deadly. It can lead to inflammation, cancer, and heart disease. Balancing methyl in the body helps both of these issues.

Methyl is also used in the epigenetics of the body. It helps the body know what genes to leave off and which genes to turn on. Today on Ask Dr Gil the podcast, I will cover the Methylation Cycle in detail. This is important to understand so that you know how to treat. Knowing the genetics isn’t very helpful. Just because there is a genetic defect on one side of the methylation cycle doesn’t mean that is the side that the problem resides. We discuss why this may be and what we need to know on how to treat the problem.

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