Reinvent Everything


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Title by @Danielll64

Featuring special guest Bianca Baykara

Insta: @biancabaykara Twitter: @BiancaBaykara Website:

Denise has been made into the most flawlessly beautiful human by Dr. Courage but how will anyone see past her perfect exterior to recognise the real her. The answer, like many things, can only be found at the pub.

Song List: "Two Steps to Make Yourself Better", "Grapes and Chia Seeds", "Pinball is Love", "Don't Say No to a No-No", "Thrapes Academy", "Just Tell Him (It's Time, Denise)",

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Cast: Emmet Nichols, Hollie James, Kohan Van Sambeeck on keys and special guest, Bianca Baykara

Teched and Edited by Morgan Phillips

155 episode