Kaseya Ransomware Attack & Incident Response with Ransomware Kill Switch


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Kaseya Ltd. is a Miami-based company that provides software to help other businesses manage their networks. The hackers targeted Kaseya’s virtual systems/server administrator (VSA), a type of software that large companies and technology-service providers use to manage and send out software updates to systems on computer networks. The hacks are caused by cybercriminals who acquired and used zero-day vulnerabilities. What do we know about REvil's behavior pattern in this incident? What can you do when your detection solution failed?

In this episode, we will demonstrate the post-ransomware incident use cases and how you can automate in-network detection and Ransomware incident response to isolate inside the enterprise network.

The integrated Zero Trust enterprise access solution provides organizations an advanced level of visibility and turns every connected endpoint into a Zero Trust endpoint to stop Ransomware lateral movement before they spread.

Hear how our joint solution can provide your organization:

* Advanced Ransomware detection and incident response with of Ransomware Kill Switch™

* Consolidated SOC threat intelligence and analytics

* End to end visibility and intelligence into malware behaviors

Thanks to sponsor Airgap Networks!

Airgap provides an agent-less Anti-Ransomware platform to stop the spread of malware in the enterprise network. Our industry’s first Ransomware Kill Switch™ locks down your most critical network assets at the first indication of compromise with complete control and policy enforcement over the device--device-application communication. Visit them at Black Hat 2021 USA in Vegas or Virtual. For expo passes, contact info@airgap.io.

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