Shots Fired at Esports - Final Round


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In 2021, the global eSports market was valued at just over 1.08 billion U.S. dollars.(Source)

Online games and specifically the Massive Multiplayer (MMO) games, experience multiple attacks from hackers, platform competition that try to block players’ access to the gaming platforms, as well as cheating players that can attack other players slowing their connection, while gaining a competitive advantage. These attacks can take the entire game offline. Can you visualize losing $400,000 dollars per hour (Source).

In this series of Ransomware Battleground, we will try to:

- Know the eSports industry and the leading MMO game developers

- Understand where the “crown jewels” assets such as in-game currency, identity information, and gaming development resources…are hosted

- Who is Egregor Ransomware Crew? Is it as RaaS? And how do they hack into corporate networks and deploy the ransomware?

- What is their extortion behavior and ransom demand and Crypto tracing?

- Is it too far fetched to say Zero Trust is needed for eSports development?

- Got Ransomware Kill Switch for eSports?

Let's close the final round of this Battleground series with Syya and Nigel. Join us!

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