How to Approach Traumatic Events in Relationships


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Traumatic events are incidences that cause physical, emotional, spiritual, or psychological harm.

Sometimes relationships face challenges as a result of incidences between a couple. This can be a spouse who does something dishonest, or a partner who says hurtful things. Yet, in relationships there are some traumatic events that don’t come from the couple, but rather come from outside sources. For example, this can be a spouse who loses a mother or father, or one who get’s let go from their job. These outside traumatic events in relationships can be just as harmful to a marriage as an internal argument, if not handled with care and respect.

Unfortunately, you can’t always control what happens in life circumstances

There are times when life just isn’t fair. Moments, when you get blindsided. Over the past two years, people all over the world have been dealing with the distress of a pandemic, losing loved ones, financial woes, and health scares. These events can bring distress upon an individual. Eventually this stress will find its way to erode a healthy marriage or relationship. You can’t ignore outside challenges that are happening to your partner. How you approach the trauma your partner maybe experiencing is critical to your relationship’s health and future.

In this podcast episode we talk about some of the outside traumatic events couples experience in relationships, and how those events might negatively impact couples. We offer helpful tips you can apply in these challenging moments, even if you feel frustrated or unsure how to help.

Hosted by Pastor Brian Wallace and Keonte McDonald

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