From Postpartum Depression To Becoming A Mommy Mindset Coach: A Chat With Allyson Nickerson


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Allyson Nickerson is a wife, fellow mom of three, and a mommy mindset coach who helps fellow moms manage stress and revive their inner HER. She started her journey after battling postpartum depression and literally wanting to walk out on her family. She discovered not a lot of moms are talking about how they are truly feeling. As a recovering people pleaser and keeper of overwhelm, she knows it’s her purpose to serve mamas to be sure they are living fulfilled lives on their own terms.

On the podcast we chatted about:
-How she got through her break down during the height of the pandemic.
-Her journey from postpartum depression to a mommy mindset coach.
-Why the Black community does not discuss our challenges and why we need to be.
-The biggest challenges moms are facing now.
-The importance of moms asking for help.
And SO much more!
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