Is There any Gain for an Unborn Person ?


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Is there welfare to the one who is not born....? It might be thought to be a sort of ridiculous or absurd query ... But , these words were not disclosed by a banal person. These words were disclosed by great Jesus Christ, whose words have been affecting the whole human world for the past two thousand years and it is believed that they would show their affect furtherly also on the human society. The words, that Jesus Christ spoke, are enigmatic for ever to this innocent human world, which has been thinking that there is no matter of welfare and harm until one is born onto this earth. The words of Jesus Christ are enshrouded to this scientific world, which considers with its illusion that the human life gets started from the time of birth and there is complete emptiness before that. To this mysterious query, which breaks the cerebral nerves of the ignorant, the Lord Christ, who is wise, ought to answer...

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